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About Digital Art / Artist Elizabeth J Jackson30/Female/United States Groups :iconmlpsoawesome: MlpSoAwesome
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deviation in storage by kesame



Coloring help by lizspit
Coloring help
Just some tips I threw together to help a friend improve some coloring and blahblahblah.
Omgtornado by lizspit
sketch choices for another commission. It was harder then I expected to come up with 9 unique running poses. or just 3 different pictures of three people running from a tornado.
sketch choices by lizspit
sketch choices
some sketch choices for a two part puzzle piece I'm doing on commission
Little Pup by lizspit
Little Pup
Pet Portrait of  a little GSD mix pup

marker on bristol.
I'm a huge fan of seeing Pokemon in pictures that seem like they could be out of nature documentaries.  I think I'm going to try and draw more of that. :)

I don't know why I'm making a journal entry about it. I really really don't.

Here's my nature documentary pokemon so far:

Eeveelution pack : People's interpretations of this one have been that they are hunting the tauros, or that they are protecting the baby from the tauros.…

Shiny Fenekin grabbing a meal, namely a Talonflame egg. whata jerk.…

Ninetails and vulpix, in my mind the Ninetails is always moving the baby Vulpix to a new lair because something has ventured too close to their old one.…

Umbreon V Skarmory. An older picture, with a very regrettable background. People tell me the umbreon looks too much like a rabbit, but you can all just shut your faces right up! Umbreons are imaginary and I can imagine them to be however I damn well please!  Anyhow, a Skarmory chasing down an umbreon, either for encroaching on its territory, or as a meal.…

Vaporeon swimming at night. I guess this picture leans more towards being a pinup then what I would prefer. I always imagine this water is mother effing FREEZING.…
That picture was a re-make of this old piece of garbage! seriously... look at how bad this is! Oh yeah, it's snowing in this old one, maybe that's why I always imagine the water in the new one being so cold.…

Mudkips being all crazy, as Mudkips are want to do.…
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Elizabeth J Jackson
Artist | Digital Art
United States

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